A Link defined in a CSS stylesheet.

This interface is not for direct use, but is extended by all subtypes of CssLink.



target: string

The link’s target URL.

This is the exact value as it appears in the document, and may thus be a relative URL. For most use cases absoluteTarget is more useful than target.

This property can be written to, which will modify the resource containing the link.

absoluteTarget?: `${string}:${string}`

The link’s target URL as an absolute URL.

This takes into account factors like the <base href="..."> element.

If the target is not a valid (relative) URL, absoluteTarget equals undefined.

isSubresource: boolean

A boolean indicating whether the resource being linked to is normally considered a subresource of the document. For example, the src of an <img> element specifies a subresource because the image is considered part of the document, while the href of an <a> or the action of a <form> merely point to another resource.

from: CssAnchor

Information about where the link points ‘from’ (the place where it is defined) in the DOM or stylesheet.