A Link defined in a CSS stylesheet, that links to a font subresource.

Such a link is created by a @font-face at-rule’s src value.



target: string

The link’s target URL.

This is the exact value as it appears in the document, and may thus be a relative URL. For most use cases absoluteTarget is more useful than target.

This property can be written to, which will modify the resource containing the link.

absoluteTarget?: `${string}:${string}`

The link’s target URL as an absolute URL.

This takes into account factors like the <base href="..."> element.

If the target is not a valid (relative) URL, absoluteTarget equals undefined.

isSubresource: true

A boolean indicating whether the resource being linked to is normally considered a subresource of the document. For example, the src of an <img> element specifies a subresource because the image is considered part of the document, while the href of an <a> or the action of a <form> merely point to another resource.

resource?: Resource

If the subresource is available, it can be assigned to this attribute.

Information about where the link points ‘from’ (the place where it is defined) in the DOM or stylesheet.

subresourceType: "font"